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New Student Special Discount Save 25%

On Your Tuition Today.​
This is a special seven (7) day discount offer for new students only. You are under no obligation to pay ever, The courses are free without college credits. This is simply a chance to save on your tuition in the paid accredited program...

You can mail a check or money order payable to:

AMES Christian University

6900 Daniels Parkway, Suite 29-225

Fort Myers, FL 33912

We also accept Western Union Or MoneyGram International 

(Dr. Vince Rizzo -Receiver)

Enhance your studies and relationship with the Lord with powerful ministry study tools: This offer includes us paying for your first year of ministry or chaplains licensing. and it also includes digital books, audio, and video teachings.

We know that you are going to love this program, and you likely will want to earn college credits to earn a degree later. You can pay today in full with this great 25% off discount plus bonuses within seven (7) days of your enrollment. If you have prayed about it and are ready to save on your tuition you can go ahead today and pay below.  

Today you will save $110 on your tuition. You will also be eligible to start your degree program at AMES Christian University as soon as you finish only four (4 courses). You will then become a student in both schools and you can then likely receive your degree one year earlier.   

Once you pay you will receive online access, and we will mail your USB flash drive to you as a back-up. 

The normal cost of our complete 22-course program is $440. With this discount, you will save $110 if you pay $330 in full today. You will having paid in full receive all the accredited student benefits. and you will also receive the free bonuses detailed below. This is a savings of $110 off the regular $440 tuition price. This Discount adds up to 5 free courses if you were to pay $20 per course as you go or $440 at the end.

This offer is only good for 7 days from the day you enrolled if you need a few more days for some reason contact usCLICK HERE

Your full payment will help us to offer free and low-cost courses worldwide. The loaded USB is our way of saying thank you and God Bless you for your support and it is only available with this offer. By not taking advantage of this offer, you will pay $440.00 in full or payments. Also, the bonuses are not available if you pay at the end.

What You Will Receive:

1.) All the benefits of the accredited program at a 25% discount: A Printed Diploma, Transcript, the ability to get licensing and go on the earn a Bachelors degree at AMES Christian University.

2.) A  pre-loaded 16 Gig flash drive. Loaded with15,000 Christian e-books, Biblical Research Library, Commentaries, Audio Bible, Worship Music and much more.

2.) Receive your first year of ministry licensing a $49 US to $52 International value. This along with the $110 discount is an up to $162 savings to you.

If you have a problem with paying by PayPal we can run your payment for you Click Here

Upon payment, you will be in the Accredited Study Program and you will receive a confirmation. You will also receive a confirmation request

before our mailing your USB flash drive.

Make one (1) payment of $330.00 US Dollars 

Save 25% $110.00 USD 

* There are no refunds on the $330.00 administrative fee as you are under no obligation to pay as the courses are free without credit.